Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (17 volumes)

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This product is no longer available for purchase. It has been replaced by the updated 18-volume set.

Requires Accordance 10.4 or above.

The Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (BECNT) series provides commentaries that blend scholarly depth with readability, exegetical detail with sensitivity to the whole, and attention to critical problems with theological relevance. All BECNT volumes feature the author’s detailed interaction with the Greek text and are specifically designed with students and pastors in mind. The user-friendly design includes shaded-text chapter introductions summarizing the key themes of each thought unit. Chapter outlines and overviews allow easy entry into the discussion and aid comprehension and recall. With extensive research and thoughtful chapter-by-chapter exegesis, these commentaries will be valued by students, professors, and pastors alike.

  • Matthew – David L. Turner (released 4/1/08)
  • Mark – Robert H. Stein (released 11/1/08)
  • Luke (Volume 1) – Darrell L. Bock (released 12/1/94)
  • Luke (Volume 2) – Darrell L. Bock (released 7/1/96)
  • Acts – Darrell L. Bock (released 9/1/07)
  • Romans – Thomas R. Schreiner (released 12/1/98)
  • 1 Corinthians – David E. Garland (released 12/1/03)
  • 2 Corinthians – George H. Guthrie (released 4/1/15)
  • Galatians – Douglas J. Moo (released 11/1/13)
  • Ephesians – Frank S. Thielman (released 11/1/10)
  • Philippians (2nd Edition) – Moises Silva (released 4/1/05)
  • 1/2 Thessalonians – Jeffrey A. D. Weima (2014)
  • James – Dan G. McCartney (released 10/1/09)
  • I Peter – Karen H. Jobes (released 6/1/05)
  • Jude/2 Peter – Gene L. Green (released 11/1/08)
  • 1, 2 and 3 John – Robert W. Yarbrough (released 10/1/08)
  • Revelation – Grant R. Osborne (released 12/1/02)

See Article for details of the 17 individual volumes included in this set.

Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament
• General Editors: Robert W. Yarbrough, Robert H. Stein
Publisher: Baker Academic

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Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0218English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (February 2018)30899.00
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0518English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (May 2018)31599.00
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0818English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (August 2018)33399.00
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster1118English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (November 2018)33999.00
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0319English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (February 2019)34399.00
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngMaster0519English Master Collection (Accordance 12) (May 2019)35549.00
Primary CollectionsColl13-EngMaster1119English Master Collection (Accordance 13) (November 2019)36999.00
Primary CollectionsColl13-EngMaster0420English Master Collection (Accordance 13) (April 2020)37499.00
Primary CollectionsColl13-EngMaster0720English Master Collection (Accordance 13) (July 2020)38699.00


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