CNTTS NT Critical Apparatus (Revised): The Center for New Testament Textual Studies NT Critical Apparatus / January 01, 2014

Prod ID: CNTTS Revised / Pub. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
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This textual apparatus is the work of the CNTTS (Center for New Testament Textual Studies). The product covers the entire New Testament.

The product includes a full textual apparatus of the readings of various manuscripts (50 or more per NT book). Search capabilities of the apparatus include isolating the readings for a specific passage, a specific manuscript, several manuscripts at once, or even a specific type of variant (such as additions or omissions of text).

This Revised Edition is the result of 2 years of work with a complete re-evaluation of the variation units (with the majority included now and free updates to include the rest in 2015). In addition, corrections to data entries and manuscript readings have been made; new manuscripts have been added; some of the codes have been changed to identify the nature of the entries in a more precise manner. Also, a new numbering system for insignificant variants has been implemented throughout. And lastly, the data has been completely reformatted in Accordance to preserve better column formatting, enhance accuracy of hyperlinks, and streamline the search fields for easier searching. This update represents the final stage of the project with only minor corrections planned in future (free) incremental updates.

See article on Critical apparatus and on CNTTS and the Podcast.

This database is a project of the H. Milton Haggard, Center for New Testament Textual Studies (CNTTS), a research center under the auspices of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS).

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Primary CollectionsColl12-GreekProGreek Pro Collection (Accordance 12)999.00
Primary CollectionsColl13-GreekProGreek Pro Collection (Accordance 13)999.00
Primary CollectionsCollection11-UltimateUltimate Collection (Accordance 11)1999.00
Greek add-on bundlesGreek Master 11.14Greek Master, Complete Set of Greek Texts/Tools (November 2014)2999.00
Greek add-on bundlesGreek Master 8.15Greek Master, Complete Set of Greek Texts/Tools (August 2015)2999.00
Greek add-on bundlesGreek Master 11.15Greek Master, Complete Set of Greek Texts/Tools (November 2015)3299.00
Greek add-on bundlesGreek Master 01.16Greek Master, Complete Set of Greek Texts/Tools (January 2016)3349.00
Greek add-on bundlesGreek Master 06.16Greek Master, Complete Set of Greek Texts/Tools (June 2016)3399.00
Academic BundlesCollection11-Ultimate_16Ultimate Collection (Accordance 11)1999.00


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