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Installation note: When you order this product you will receive two emails: the first will be your order receipt and the second will contain download instructions for the LSB App. If you do not receive either of these emails please contact us at [email protected] or (877) 339-5855. 

The Legacy Standard Bible is your translation for a lifetime of study. Currently offering the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. The full Bible will be released by the end of 2021.

The Legacy Standard Bible (LSB) is a translation that—at its core—seeks to be a window into the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. By translating individual words as consistently as possible within their various nuances, it allows the reader to discern what God originally wrote and know the author’s intent. In this way, the LSB seeks to be an improvement upon the NASB, while simultaneously preserving its faithful legacy.

Key Features of the LSB translation:

  • Based upon the NASB95
  • Translates the Hebrew name of God as “Yahweh,” not LORD
  • Translates the Greek word “doulos” as “slave”

The following free resources are included in your initial download of the LSB app:

  • The New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs in the LSB, with Strong’s numbers (LSB)
  • Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon Abridged (BDB Abridged)
  • Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

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  1. Ningthoujam Rabichandra

    Faithful translation

  2. Ningthoujam Rabichandra

    Accurate and contemporary translation

  3. Róbert Mede

    I am looking forward to have my LSB in my hand as hard copy.

  4. Ningthoujam Rabichandra

    Contemporary but accurate translation

  5. Ningthoujam Rabichandra

    Need of the hour version

  6. George Ungureanu

    LSB 13

  7. Sam Varghese M

    Waiting to experience what this is all about.

  8. Stephen usher

    This is great

  9. Chris Fluharty


  10. Luka Gichuhi

    Looking forward

  11. Luka Gishoi

    Looking forward

  12. (verified owner) Robert sumner

    Very good

  13. Joy Flores


  14. Ernest Saint Jean

    Any Bible translation that comes closest to the Greek New Testament I’m for it and that’s what I found in this translation.

  15. James Ernest Dequina


  16. Nestor Decena

    Thank you to all expert LSB team.
    Thank You, LORD, for this unusual translation.
    I’m so happy to have this very soon on hard copy. ☺️

  17. Rabi

    Love it

  18. Sheldon King

    I hope that this translation becomes the go to Bible for English speaking readers around the world, and for many generations to come.

  19. Rommel Llanes

    Looking forward

  20. Henry Jonnalagadda


  21. Mario

    Great updates to a faithful translation

  22. James Ernest A. Dequina

    Great help…to grow

  23. Jennifer Peters

    Beyond excited that this is available online till I obtain a hard copy

  24. Ging mendoza

    Good translation..

  25. Ging mendoza


  26. Great Tool

  27. (verified owner) Chris S

    Thank you Accordance. This app is a blessing to the Church. Looking forward to the complete LSB!

  28. Guy Marshall

    Thanks for the accordance app

  29. Gary Warrick

    I love the NASB, looking forward to this new edition!

  30. (verified owner) Eui Yeon Kim

    Thank you!

  31. (verified owner) Fabian

    If you have only the Accordance 13 Lite, this Module is a huge improvement. And it is for FREE.

  32. Timothy Oven Takang


  33. Meg Fuller

    Exciting! May God bless your efforts!

  34. Paula Crawley

    This will be my first time reading this version,, it was recommended by Pastor John MacArthur. I ordered 2, one for me and one for hubby so we can read together… I am excited to get started. Please pray the Lord open my husband’s eyes to the knowledge of the Truth and that he is willing to read with me.

  35. Dora Welsh

    Great !!!

  36. Makori Alvin.

    Looking forward to using the version.

  37. James Chonhockloo

    Glad to use it.

  38. W moore

    You request way to much private information for a free app.

  39. Jhoshua rustia manzanas

    I’m so exited to use this appss

  40. Brynner G. Boado

    Id like to read this version since it was recommended by Grace Churh pastors lead by Dr. John Macarthur

  41. Héctor García Chávez


  42. macario torres

    Always i was looking for a complete Bible and accuracy translation and I think that this is the one I Am eager to read it.

  43. macario torres

    Always i was looking for a complete Bible and accuracy translation, I Am eager to read it.

  44. macario torres

    I was looking for a complete Bible and accuracy translation, I Am eager to read it.

  45. Inaka Awomi


  46. Inaka Awomi

    Biblical and helpful resources

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