The Twelve Mysteries of Scripture (Vine) / February 22, 2023

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In ordinary speech a “mystery” implies knowledge withheld. In Scripture a “mystery” is truth that can be made known only by divine revelation at a time appointed by God and to those who are illumined by His Spirit. This modest ebook explains twelve mysteries in the Word of God:

* The Mystery of the Faith
* The Mystery of the Godhead of Christ
* The Mystery of Godliness
* The Mystery of the Gospel
* The Mystery of the Kingdom of God
* The Mystery of the Seven Stars and Lampstands
* The Mystery of the Transformation of the Bodies of the Saints at the Resurrection
* The Mystery of the Hardening of Israel
* The Mystery of Babylon
* The Mystery of Lawlessness
* The Mystery of God’s Purpose in Judgment
* The Mystery of God’s Will

In addition, this ebook contains a fascinating historical overview of “How the World was Prepared for the Gospel,” which includes how God used the Nation of Israel, the ambition of Alexander the Great, and the domination of the Roman Empire to prepare the world for “the separation of men out of the world unto Christ, Whose kingdom is not of this world. . . . Happy are they who by faith receive Him Whom the Gospel proclaims.”

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