Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the OT / NT Bundle (20 volumes)

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The Zondervan Exegetical Commentary is a modern commentary series designed to help pastors and Bible teachers understand the biblical text in its original environment. Each of the contributing evangelical scholars carefully consider factors such as grammatical detail, literary context, rhetorical flow, theological nuance, and historical setting in their interpretation. While primarily designed for those with a basic knowledge of biblical languages, this series is accessible for all who want to understand and teach the Old and New Testament.

Each passage is organized into the following sections:

  • Literary Context: Explains how each passage functions within the book
  • Main Idea: Summarizes the central message of the passage
  • Translation in Graphic Layout: Presents a translation through a diagram that helps readers visualize the flow of thought within the text
  • Exegetical Outline: Gives the overall structure of the passage
  • Explanation of the Text: Provides interpretive insights into the background and meaning of the text
  • Theology in Application: Discusses how the message of the text fits within the book itself and in a broader biblical-theological context, suggesting applications for the church today

This bundle contains the 6-volume OT module and the 14-volume NT module.

Old Testament volumes:

  • Ruth: The King is Coming (Daniel I. Block) (2015)
  • Hosea: God’s Reconciliation with His Estranged Household (Jerry Hwang) (2021)
  • Joel: Despair and Deliverance in the Day of the Lord (Joel Barker) (2020)
  • Obadiah: The Kingship Belongs to YHWH (Daniel I. Block) (2019)
  • Jonah: God’s Scandalous Mercy (Kevin J. Youngblood; 2nd Edition) (2019)
  • Nahum: The Divine Warrior as Avenger and Deliverer (Daniel C. Timmer) (2018)

New Testament volumes:

  • Matthew by Grant R. Osborne (2010)
  • Mark by Mark L. Strauss (2014)
  • Luke by David E. Garland (2012)
  • John by Edward W. Klink III (2016)
  • Acts by Eckhard J. Schnabel (2012)
  • Romans by Frank Thielman (2018)
  • 1 Corinthians by Paul Gardner (2018)
  • Galatians by Thomas R. Schreiner (2010)
  • Ephesians by Clinton R. Arnold (2010)
  • Colossians & Philemon by David W. Pao (2012)
  • 1-2 Thessalonians by Gary S. Shogren (2012)
  • James by Craig L. Blomberg and Mariam J. Kamell (2009)
  • 1, 2, 3 John by Karen H. Jobes (2014)
  • Revelation by Buist M. Fanning (2020)

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
CommentariesZECNT-14Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (14 Volumes)537.86
CommentariesZECOT-6R1Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament (6 Volumes, 1 Revised)165.94


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