Refund Policies

Updated: February 2012

Still trying to decide whether Accordance is right for you?

Our general policy is not to offer a refund on purchases of Accordance, since there is no way for you to return the software. The one exception is when it is purchased for use on the PC with the emulator, and the user is unable to make it work satisfactorily.

A working demo version is available for you to try, on Mac or PC, before you purchase Accordance.

On mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, the free iOS app comes with a batch of free modules which allow you to try the app throughly before adding more content.

However, for those who insist on a refundable purchase, we have the following options:

Trial Offer of Accordance on Mac

Order any Introductory level (Library, Scholar's, Jewish, or Catholic) and tell us at the time you place the order that you want to try it out. You can use it for up to 30 days from the order date, and still request a full refund (except for shipping) if you decide not to keep it.

Don't "unlock" any additional modules until you are sure you are keeping it, as this will void the trial offer.

Accordance Program Only

You can also purchase the Accordance software for just $69, with a free Starter package of modules.

We are willing to refund this purchase of the Accordance program (application) download only within 10 days of the original purchase of the unlock code.



Requesting a Refund


  • Email us with your refund request,
  • Remove the Accordance program, fonts, modules, and installers from the hard drive.
  • Do not return any disks until we authorize the refund.
  • Answer all the following questions on your Refund Request email:

1. Invoice number of original purchase:
2. My phone number:
3. The computer system on which I ran Accordance:
4. I was/was not able to install Accordance and the modules
5. My main problem with Accordance is:
6. I also did not like:
7. I did like these features:

Please send your request by email to: