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[Basic: Accordance 10] Key numbers are a numerical system designed to help people with little or no knowledge of Hebrew or Greek.  They identify the most important words in the Bible, enabling those who do not read the ancient, original languages to do basic word searches and studies. Once upon a time, key numbers only appeared in the most expensive of printed concordances. Even then, using them was laborious and time-consuming. Now they are included with every copy of Accordance Bible Software. Not only do they make our Word Searches fast and accurate, but they enable Instant Details, Cross-highlighting, the Dynamic Interlinear, and Instant Lookups. Join Dr. J in this episode as he shows us how to leverage the power of Key Numbers in Accordance.

Age: 7 years
Date: May 12, 2014
Category: Lighting the Lamp
Keywords: Accordance, Bible, Software, Key Numbers, Hebrew, Greek, searches, concordances, Instant Details, Quick Lookup, Dynamic Interlinear, Cross-highlighting