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[Basic: Accordance 8] Accordance 8.4 is another free upgrade to Accordance 8, providing numerous new features, refinements, and bug fixes.  Among these features are two powerful and important enhancements: Automatic Bibliographic Footnoting and Smart Searching.  Now, when copying as a citation out of a tool, Accordance will automatically include the tool's bibliographic information as a footnote, in a variety of styles.  Smart Searching is Accordance's way of embracing the now popular keyword style searching, helping a user transition from a Google or Spotlight based method to Accordance's exact searching more easily.  Both of these features are demonstrated in this podcast.

Age: 11 years
Date: November 17, 2009
Category: Lighting the Lamp
Keywords: 8.4, free, upgrade, bibliographic, tool, citation, google, smart, searching, keyword