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[Resources: Accordance 9] This podcast will show how to set up a custom workspace for any Study Bible. It will also review Zondervan's Archaeological Study Bible, a goldmine of information, a great introduction to how the fruits of archaeology can increase our understanding of the Bible. Designed with the conservative Christian in mind, this study Bible features 8000 study notes, 500 articles, 500 color photographs and 15 maps. Accordance makes it easy to explore all the features in this resource, especially when navigating among the articles in the five major categories: Archaeological Sites, Cultural and Historical Notes, Ancient Peoples and Lands, The Reliability of the Bible, and Ancient Texts and Artifacts.

Age: 10 years
Date: January 12, 2011
Category: Lighting the Lamp
Keywords: Accordance 9, Bible, archaeology, archeology, Zondervan, study Bible, reliability, custom workspace, creation, flood, ancient near east, Gilgamesh, Enuma Elish