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May 22, 2019
Accordance is very pleased to announce a major update in Accordance Mobile for iOS: version 3.0 It includes a new look and feel, new Library organization, external keyboard shortcuts, better ...
May 3, 2019
[Accordance 12.3.3: Basic] This podcast is for the ministry professional: the rabbi, pastor, clergy, or priest who delivers one or more sermons a week. Whether you are self-taught or s ...
March 29, 2019
[Accordance 12.3.2: Basic] Why do millions of people use Bible software every day? They have discovered its many advantages! Join Dr. J as he reviews the reasons so many people have chosen Bible ...
March 18, 2019
[Accordance 12.3.2: Basic] Enjoying Accordance Lite? We’d like to invite you to upgrade to Accordance’s Basic Starter Collection, our least expensive Collection. Its rich array of modern Bible study ...
March 11, 2019
[Accordance 12.3.2: Basic] Enjoying Accordance Mobile? We’d like to invite you to upgrade to Accordance’s Basic Starter Collection, our least expensive Collection. Its rich array of modern Bible ...
March 11, 2019
[Accordance 12.2.3: Basic] This quick demo covers the basic features of Accordance for those studying the Bible in translation (typically in English). Accordance has added a number of additional ...
January 30, 2019
[Accordance 12.3: Study] Looking for snow this Christmas? Why not search for it in the Bible!? In this light-hearted topical study, Dr. J searches for snow in the Bible and Bible study resources. ...
December 14, 2018
[Accordance 12: Basic] Interested in studying the Bible? Serious students of the Bible know the value of a good Bible Study library. This podcast lists the basic resources every such library should ...
December 31, 2018
[Accordance 12.3: Basic] Accordance 12.3 is a massive free update for owners of Accordance 12. It introduces a new feature, Text Browser, a host of improvements to other features, and a lot of ...
November 26, 2018
[Accordance 12.3: Resource] Ever try to imagine what biblical times were like? Where Jesus walked around Galilee? Or how Paul traveled during his missionary journeys? Accordance is pleased to ...
November 7, 2018
[Accordance 12.3: Basic] Text Browser is is a powerful new feature in Accordance 12.3. the Text Browser searches and displays multiple resources like a Research tab, but it also has all the most ...
November 1, 2018
[Accordance 12.2.9: Intermediate] One of the hardest parts of studying the Bible is identifying important cultural background issues. Fortunately, Accordance offers a wide variety of resources ...
September 25, 2018
[Accordance 12.2.8: Advanced] Editors use a variety of brackets in Bibles and Texts to indicate material that is missing, reconstructed, or whose authenticity is in doubt. This podcast surveys the ...
September 10, 2018
[Accordance 12.2.9: Study] Morphologically Coded Highlights and Greek Diagrams can both help identify the underlying structure of the Greek text. In this podcast Dr. J uses both to exegete the ...
August 18, 2018
[Accordance 12.2.8: Resources] The MT-LXX database displays every word of the Hebrew Masoretic text in parallel with its Greek LXX equivalent. Accordance offers two versions of this resource: the ...
August 8, 2018
[Android 1.1.8: Basic] Accordance Mobile is now available for Android. We are very pleased to announce we now support the Android platform (5.0 and later), as well as MacOS, Windows, and iOS ...
July 23, 2018
[Accordance 12: Basic]
Accordance 12.2.7 and later allows users to import their BibleWorks notes folder into a new Accordance User Notes file. Join Dr. J as he provides a quick overview of User N ...
July 9, 2018
[Accordance 12: Basic] Live Click uses a simple click to search for verse references in all texts and words in all texts, lexicons, and Bible dictionaries. We added the feature in Accordance 12.2.7 ...
June 29, 2018
[Accordance 12: Basic] Bible Software users have a long history of switching to Accordance. They have given us multiple reasons for it over the years: they’ve switched to a platform their old ...
June 18, 2018
[Accordance 12.2.5: Hebrew] Hebrew text criticism requires working with texts in multiple languages. Fortunately, Accordance Bible Software and its extensive original language resources makes that ...
May 28, 2018
[Accordance 12.2.5: Resources] This podcast on Study Bibles provides helpful information on understanding, selecting, and using these resources. It also explains how to construct the best workspaces ...
May 14, 2018
[Accordance 12.2.4: Bible Study] Join Dr. J in this study of the Ethiopian’s conversion (Acts 8:26-40). This podcast digs deeper into the passage, determining its limit, establishing its literary a ...
April 27, 2018
This episode originated as a viewer request. It shows how to build a Construct search based on a grammar’s description of a particular construction. In this case, Dr. J shows how to find each of Dan ...
April 3, 2018
[Accordance 12.2: Basic] Accordance’s internal web browser adds new dimensions to our workflow. In this podcast, Dr. J sketches some of the ways we can use it to enhance our Bible study, connect w ...
March 17, 2018