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Book cover: Stanley Horton: Logion Press Commentary on Acts

Stanley Horton: Logion Press Commentary on Acts

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Distinguished Pentecostal scholar Stanley Horton takes an in-depth look at the story of the Early Church. This powerful book is an excellent foundational study for your church staff, Sunday school class, and an important component of every pastoral library. Horton takes each Scripture to share the overarching truth that the Early Church’s story is still being written in the lives of believers like us today. He brings a compelling combination of research and experience to this study of Luke’s inspired record. Complete with maps, and bibliography.

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Acts:  A Logion Press Commentary
Revised Edition of The Book of Acts (1981)
• Author: Stanley M. Horton
• Foreword: Thomas E. Trask
• Publisher: Gospel Publishing House (released October 2001)

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February 14, 2017  |  3:55 PM   |    Not Recommended (1)
This is a very pro pentecostal commentary, that in my opinion looks more to support the Assembly of God doctrine then to give real scholarship.