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Book cover: Theologians of the Baptist Tradition (George, Dockery, eds)

Theologians of the Baptist Tradition (George, Dockery, eds)

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A profound statement concerning the consistency of the Baptist witness in the context of the historic Confession of Christian Faith and the biblical witness.

Theologians of the Baptist Tradition is an effort to preserve and discover the Baptists' "underappreciated contribution to Christianity's theological heritage." Theologians Timothy George and David S. Dockery present a volume of essays to serve as a resource for pastors, students, and teachers and as an introduction to the life and thought of some of the most notable shapers of Baptist theology.

Charles Spurgeon, Millard Erickson, W.A. Criswell, and Carl Henry are just a few of the outstanding Baptist thinkers profiled in this profound collection of essays. An invaluable resource for pastors, students, and teachers, it reviews theologians past and present, and ponders the future of Baptist theology.

Baptist theologians profiled include John Gill, Andrew Fuller, John L. Dagg, James Petigru Boyce, John A. Broadus, A.T. Robertson, Charles Spurgeon, A.H. Strong, B.H. Carroll, E.Y. Mullins, W.T. Conner, Hershel Hobbs, W.A. Criswell, Frank Stagg, Carl F.H. Henry, James Leo Garrett, Jr., and Millard J. Erickson.

Theologians of the Baptist Tradition
• Editors: Timothy George, David S. Dockery
• Publisher: Broadman & Holman (2001)

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