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Barnes' Notes on the New Testament

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Originally written in 1832, Albert Barnes’ New Testament Notes is a marvelous resource. It brings together 11 volumes of Barnes’ notes on the entire New Testament into one volume. The purpose of Barnes’ book is to illuminate and explain obscurities and difficulties in various parts of the text. It does this wonderfully. Barnes achieves his purpose by providing brief notes on certain ideas, terms, and phrases. He cross-references those things with other passages of the Bible. Further, for many of the books, Barnes provides an introduction, contextualizing and explaining it. Barnes’ New Testament Notes is also easy to use and non-technical. It is not as controversial or stimulating as some more recent commentaries. Nevertheless, it has stood the test of time as a helpful and needed resource. Barnes’ New Testament Notes is an essential tool for anyone trying to learn more from the New Testament.

Barnes' Notes on the New Testament
• Author: Albert Barnes

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