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Book cover: Story Retold, The: Biblical Theological Intro to the NT (Beale, Gladd)

Story Retold, The: Biblical Theological Intro to the NT (Beale, Gladd)

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New Testament introductions fall into two categories: those that emphasize the history behind the text through discussions of authorship, dating, and audience, and those that explore the content of the text itself. Few introductions weave the Old Testament into their discussions, and fewer still rely on the grand narrative of the Old Testament. But the New Testament was not written within a vacuum. Rather, it stands in continuity with the Old Testament. Israel's story is the church's story.

In The Story Retold, G. K. Beale and Benjamin L. Gladd explore each New Testament book in light of the broad history of redemption, emphasizing the biblical-theological themes of each New Testament book. Their distinctive approach encourages readers to read the New Testament in light of the Old, not as a new story but as a story retold.

The Story Retold: Biblical Theological Intro to the NT
• Authors: G. K. Beale, Benjamin L. Gladd
• Publisher: InterVarsity Press USA (2020)

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