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Book cover: Theology of the Old Testament: Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy (Brueggemann)

Theology of the Old Testament: Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy (Brueggemann)

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In this powerful book, Walter Brueggemann moves the discussion of Old Testament theology beyond the dominant models of previous generations.

Brueggemann focuses on the metaphor and imagery of the courtroom trial in order to regard the theological substance of the Old Testament as a series of claims asserted for Yahweh, the God of Israel. This provides a context that attends to pluralism in every dimension of the interpretive process and suggests links to the plurality of voices of our time.

This module also includes a chapter-by-chapter Study Guide created by Rebecca J. Kruger Gaudino that was contained in supplemental material.

“Fresh, comprehensive, and stirring, Theology of the Old Testament is the marvelous culmination of Walter Brueggemann’s years of study, writing, and teaching the Bible. Here we have the most comprehensive and important Old Testament theology to arise out of the American scene in this century.... Brueggemann’s passion and often abrasive edge, coupled with interpretive skill of the highest order, produce surprising insights into the biblical text. Pastors will grab this book for their study and preaching, and theologians will want to engage it wherever there is a genuine interest in what the Scriptures teach for faith and life.”
— Patrick D. Miller, Charles T. Haley Professor of Old Testament Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary

Theology of the Old Testament: Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy
Author: Walter Brueggemann
Publisher: Fortress Press (2005)

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