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Book cover: Analytical Bible Expositor (John G. Butler) CROSSGRADE from 10-14 volumes

Analytical Bible Expositor (John G. Butler) CROSSGRADE from 10-14 volumes

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Crossgrades are modules offered at a lower price to a customer with Accordance who already owns an electronic version of the same module on another platform. They are designed to encourage people who want to switch from another platform and who have already invested significantly in specific resources which are available on both platforms.

This Crossgrade product is available to users who currently own 10 to 14 equivalent volumes in the other software. Users who own 5 to 9 volumes in the other software should use this Crossgrade product. To purchase this crossgrade, submit the order (which will go through manual processing) with a note about any volumes already owned in the other platform.

As with all upgrades, the special price is offered on the condition that the original software is not sold or given to anyone else. Note: No additional discounts or coupons of any kind can be applied to Crossgrade prices.

In order to receive any crossgrade prices you must first return this form to us, completed and signed.

For more information, see this blog article.

The Analytical Bible Expositor is a commentary series from pastor John G. Butler that covers the entire Old and New Testament.  This unique set treats each chapter of the book under consideration using analytical tools to articulate the straightforward meaning of the text. This provides the reader with a clear and comprehensive understanding and application of the text. Especially helpful for ministers who are seeking to engage the text at a deeper level.

Main features include:

  • Analyzation:  Every chapter of the Bible is treated as a unit.  The chapters are outlined into main points, and sub-points, often with many sub-sub points.
  • Alliteration:  All outlines are alliterated, a hallmark of the author.
  • Annotation:  The comments of the outlines are the meat of the books and consist of explanations, clarifications, interpretations, and exhortations, (practical applications).

Video Overview

This series will prove helpful for both preacher and teacher.  It will assist them to understand the Scriptures and also will give them a multitude of invaluable sermon and lesson outlines and material.

  • Volume 1: Genesis to Exodus
  • Volume 2: Leviticus to Deuteronomy
  • Volume 3: Joshua to II Samuel
  • Volume 4: I Kings to II Chronicles
  • Volume 5: Ezra to Job
  • Volume 6: Psalms
  • Volume 7: Proverbs to Song of Solomon
  • Volume 8: Isaiah to Ezekiel
  • Volume 9: Daniel to Malachi
  • Volume 10: Matthew to Mark
  • Volume 11: Luke to John
  • Volume 12: Acts to II Corinthians
  • Volume 13: Galatians to Philemon
  • Volume 14: Hebrews to Revelation

Analytical Bible Expositor
• Author: John G. Butler
• Publisher: LBC Publications (2012)


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