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Book cover: Christian Standard Bible (2017) with Strong's Numbers FREE upgrade from HCSBS

Christian Standard Bible (2017) with Strong's Numbers FREE upgrade from HCSBS

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This FREE upgrade is offered to users who currently own the Holman Christian Standard Bible (either HCSBS with Strong's or HCSB without Strong's). User who purchase this upgrade will receive the Christian Standard Bible (2017) with Strong's Numbers (CSB17S). Add this upgrade product to the shopping cart like any other product. The upgrade does not replace the HCSB, so it can be run in parallel for comparison.

Users who own the untagged HCSB without Strong's numbers can upgrade to Christian Standard Bible (2017) with Strong's Numbers (CSB17S) with this upgrade.

The Bible is meant to be read, understood, and shared. So your translation of God’s Word should be true-to-the-original and one you like to read.

The Christian Standard Bible captures the Bible’s original meaning without compromising clarity. An optimal blend of accuracy and readability, this new translation helps readers make a deeper connection with God’s Word and inspires lifelong discipleship. The CSB is for everyone—for readers young and old, new and seasoned. It’s a Bible pastors can preach from and a Bible you can share with your neighbor hearing God’s Word for the very first time.

You’ll find the CSB to be highly trustworthy and deeply satisfying.

Developed by 100 scholars from 17 denominations, the Christian Standard Bible faithfully and accurately captures the Bible’s original meaning without compromising readability. The CSB is a trustworthy text for both sermon preparation and serious study, translated straight from the biblical languages by scholars who love God’s Word.

But the true measure of a Bible translation is not only excellent scholarship. For a Bible translation to be trustworthy in modern English, it must faithfully communicate the authority and urgency understood by its original audience. Because the CSB is an original translation—not constrained by the structures of an earlier English Bible version—it expresses the meaning and beauty of the ancient texts with great clarity and emotional resonance. Pastors and laypeople can share God’s Word with confidence, knowing its truth will be communicated effectively.

This Bible text is tagged with Strong's numbers. An accompanying notes files is also included (CSB17 Notes).

Christian Standard Bible
• Publisher: Holman Bible Publishers (2017)


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