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Book cover: Peter, Stephen, James, and John (F. F. Bruce)

Peter, Stephen, James, and John (F. F. Bruce)

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This concise and scholarly study describes four of the non-Pauline movements in the early church, each of which can be identified with a particular leader:

  • Peter, acknowledged leader of the apostles;
  • Stephen and the Hellenists (Jews who spoke Greek culturally and linguistically);
  • James and the Church of Jerusalem; and
  • John and his circle, including his influence at Ephesus.

It is easy to view the early church through the eyes of Paul because so much of the New Testament contains his letters. This book, however, gives a sense of the diversity in the early church. Originally published in England as Men and Movements in the Primitive Church.

Peter, Stephen, James, and John: Studies in Non-Pauline Diversity in the Early Church
• Author: F. F. Bruce
• Publisher: Kingsley Books (2017)

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