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Book cover: Gospel According to the Old Testament Series (18 Volumes) CROSSGRADE

Gospel According to the Old Testament Series (18 Volumes) CROSSGRADE

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Crossgrades are modules offered at a lower price to a customer with Accordance who already owns an electronic version of the same module on another platform. They are designed to encourage people who want to switch from another platform and who have already invested significantly in specific resources which are available on both platforms.

Crossgrades to multi-volume products require all volumes of the Accordance product to already be owned in the other platform. As with all upgrades, the special price is offered on the condition that the original software is not sold or given to anyone else. Note: No additional discounts or coupons of any kind can be applied to Crossgrade prices.

In order to receive any crossgrade prices you must first return this form to us, completed and signed.

Requires Accordance 11.2 or above.

The Gospel According to the Old Testament series illuminates the good news of our Savior in the Old Testament books. Here you will find thoughtful, Christ-focused theology at an accessible level. This series aims to show, as Christ himself declared, that “all the Scriptures” speak of our Lord’s suffering and glorification.

From the Foreword:
"The Gospel According to the Old Testament Series is committed to the proposition that the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is a unified revelation of God, and that its thematic unity is found in Christ. The individual books of the Old Testament exhibit diverse genres, styles, and individual theologies, but tying them all together is the constant foreshadowing of, and pointing forward to, Christ. Believing in the fundamentally Christocentric nature of the Old Testament, as well as the New Testament, we offer this series of studies in the Old Testament with the following aims:

  • to lay out the pervasiveness of the revelation of Christ in the Old Testament
  • to promote a Christ-centered reading of the Old Testament
  • to encourage Christ-centered preaching and teaching from the Old Testament

To this end, the volumes in this series are written for pastors and laypeople, not scholars."

Volumes included:

  • A Journey to Wholeness: The Gospel According to Naaman's Slave Girl (Mark Belz) (2015)
  • After God's Own Heart: The Gospel According to David (Mark J. Boda) (2007)
  • Crying Out for Vindication: The Gospel According to Job (David R. Jackson) (2012)
  • Faith in the Face of Apostasy: The Gospel According to Elijah & Elisha (Raymond B. Dillard) (1999)
  • From Bondage to Liberty: The Gospel According to Moses (Anthony T. Selvaggio) (2013)
  • From Famine to Fullness: The Gospel According to Ruth (Dean R. Ulrich) (2007)
  • Hope in the Midst of a Hostile World: The Gospel According to Daniel (George M. Schwab) (2006)
  • Immanuel in Our Place: Seeing Christ in Israel's Worship (Tremper Longman III) (2001)
  • Inconspicuous Providence: The Gospel According to Esther (Bryan Gregory) (2014)
  • Living in the Gap between Promise and Reality: The Gospel According to Abraham (2nd Edition) (Iain M. Dugruid) (2014)
  • Living in the Grip of Relentless Grace: The Gospel in the Lives of Isaac & Jacob (2nd Edition) (Iain M. Duguid) (2014)
  • Living in the Light of Inextinguishable Hope: The Gospel According to Joseph (Matthew P. Harmon, Iain M. Duguid) (2013)
  • Longing for God in an Age of Discouragement: The Gospel According to Zechariah (Bryan Gregory) (2010)
  • Love Divine and Unfailing: The Gospel According to Hosea (Michael P.V. Barrett) (2008)
  • Recovering Eden: The Gospel According to Ecclesiastes (Zach Eswine) (2014)
  • Right in Their Own Eyes: The Gospel According to Judges (George M. Schwab) (2011)
  • Salvation through Judgment and Mercy: The Gospel According to Jonah (Bryan D. Estelle) (2005)
  • Severe Compassion: The Gospel According to Nahum (Gregory D. Cook) (2016)

The Gospel According to the Old Testament (18 Volumes)
• Publisher: P & R Publishing


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