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Grammatical Syntax for GNT28-T, free upgrade from GNT-T.syntax

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This upgrade is offered free to users who previously purchased the GNT-T.syntax. Users will receive the syntax tree display for the GNT28-T (GNT28-T.syntax).  We are unable to maintain and upgrade two versions of the syntax, to match the two slightly different texts. Add this upgrade product to your shopping cart like any other product.

Although this upgrade is free as promised, it will only work with the GNT28-T (NA28 Greek New Testament without sigla). Users who own the older GNT-T can upgrade their Greek text for $9.90. That upgrade is not free as royalties are owed to the publisher.

Download “Getting Started with Syntax” from our Documentation page (updated for Accordance 11.1). Also, check out this podcast for a video demonstration of the syntax module.

This Greek Syntax module was developed from the ground up for Accordance. It adds several features and enhancements, allowing you to:

  • View a color-coded Greek syntax tree in parallel with your Bible
  • Hover over GNT28-T words to see their syntactical tags in Instant Details
  • Search the GNT28-T using syntactical tags
  • Drag and drop syntactical tags within the Greek Construct window

Covers the entire New Testament.

11/23/13 Update: Version 2.0 adds Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, and Galatians.

11/16/15 Update: Version 2.2 adds 1-3 John, Jude, and Revelation

11/10/16 Update: Version 3.0  adds remaining New Testament books.

NOTE: This syntax module ONLY works with the GNT28-T (NA28 Greek New Testament without sigla). Users who own both the older GNT-T text AND the GNT-T syntax can upgrade to the GNT28-T syntax by 1) upgrading their Greek text to the GNT28-T for $9.90, AND 2) installing the free upgrade to the GNT28-T syntax module.


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