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Book cover: John Gill's Works on Divinity

John Gill's Works on Divinity

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This module contains 2 works on Divnity by Baptist theologian John Gill: Body of Doctrinal Divinity and Body of Practical Divinity.

Body of Doctrinal Divinity deals with such systematic theological topics as the nature of God, His acts and Works, and the doctrine of grace. The Body of Doctrinal Divinity consists of the following 7 books:

  • Book I: Of God, His Words, Names, Nature, Perfections, and Persons
  • Book II: Of the Acts and Works of God
  • Book III: Of the Eternal Works of God
  • Book IV: Of the Acts of the Grace of God, Towards, and Upon His Elect in Time
  • Book V: Of the Grace of Christ in His States of Humiliation and Exaltation, and in the Offices Exercised by Him in Them
  • Book VI: Of the Blessings of Grace, and the Doctrines of It
  • Book VII: Of the Final State of Man

His Body of Practical Divinity explores the nature of private and public worship, church government, even the Christian’s domestic and civic responsibilities.  It consists of 5 books:

  • Book I: On the Worship of God
  • Book II: On External Worship, as Public
  • Book III: Of the Public Ordinances of Divine Worship
  • Book IV: Of Private Worship, or Various Duties, Domestic, Civil, and Moral
  • Book V: A Dissertation Concerning the Baptism of Jewish Proselytes

John Gill’s Works on Divinity
A Body of Doctrinal Divinity (Written in 1767)
A Body of Practical Divinity (Written in 1770)
• Author: John Gill

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