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Hebrew Apparatus add-on: BHQ (5 fascicles) and BHS-T with apparatus add-on to BHS-W4 or HMT-W4.

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This bundle requires the prior purchase of the tagged Hebrew Bible (either BHS-W4 or HMT-W4) or a package including one of them.

This bundle adds both Hebrew apparatus modules to the tagged Hebrew text. The BHS-T has both tags and sigla to mark the locations of the apparatus notation. The BHQ text is not tagged but is accompanied by the apparatus, commentary, and the minor and major Masora.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package. For details click the Title.

BHS Apparatus


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October 14, 2013  |  4:14 PM  |  Fantastic (5)
At the moment of my writing this, the BHS+BHQ costs the same through Accordance as the BHQ alone. So get this one! BHQ is not close to done yet, and Accordance doesn't (as of Oct. 2013) have everything that GBS has published in print for BHQ, but they will eventually, and then those will be added free (just the modules noted at the BHQ Accordance product page).

I've written more about BHS-T and BHQ at the individual product pages.

I certainly don't want to suggest that Accordance raise the price on this combo deal, but it's an amazing deal for a lot of stuff! Anyone who says Accordance is overpriced, well... they're certainly not in this instance.

I'd give the combo 6 stars if I could.