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Book cover: Inductive Preaching: Helping People Listen (Ralph Lewis, Gregg Lewis)

Inductive Preaching: Helping People Listen (Ralph Lewis, Gregg Lewis)

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“I spend hours in my study and on my knees preparing sermons, but when I preach them no one listens. What’s wrong? Why aren’t I getting through? Why do I see blank stares, daydream reveries, nodding heads as soon as I open my mouth to preach? I know my messages are biblically sound. I'm sure I’m preaching what God has laid on my heart. But it’s not being received. What’s wrong? What can I do?”

Sound familiar? If you’re a preacher, you probably know the feeling. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can learn to preach in a way that will be readily, even eagerly, received by your congregation.

It’s all here: what inductive preaching is, how it works, why it’s effective, who’s used it—including Jesus, Peter, Paul, Augustine, St. Francis, Wesley, Edwards, and Moody, to name only a few. Also included are:

  • Step-by-step guidelines for constructing an inductive sermon
  • Two sample inductive sermons
  • A list of 96 inductive preachers from 20 centuries
  • A strategy for making traditional sermon structures inductive
  • A checklist of inductive characteristics.

The principles in this book can dramatically increase your sermon effectiveness—turn apathy into involvement, make listeners out of the listless. Inductive preaching is preaching that works!

Inductive Preaching
Helping People Listen
• Authors: Ralph L. Lewis, Gregg Lewis
• Publisher: Crossway (1983)

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