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Book cover: Interpretation Bible Studies (19 vols.)

Interpretation Bible Studies (19 vols.)

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Interpretation Bible Studies (IBS) offers solid biblical content in a creative study format. Forged in the tradition of the celebrated Interpretation commentary series, IBS makes the same depth of biblical insight available in a dynamic, flexible, and user-friendly resource. Designed for adults and older youth, IBS can be used in small groups, in church school classes, in large group presentations, or in personal study.

This product contains the following volumes:

  • Genesis (Celia Brewer Sinclair, 1998)
  • Exodus (James D. Newsome, Jr., 1998)
  • First and Second Samuel (David C. Hester, 2005)
  • Ruth and Esther (Patricia K. Tull, 2003)
  • Job (David C. Hester, 2005)
  • Psalms (Jerome F. D. Creach, 1998)
  • Isaiah (Gary W. Light, 2001)
  • Jeremiah (Robert Laha, 2002)
  • Matthew (Alyce M. McKenzie, 1998)
  • Mark (Richard I. Diebert, 1999)
  • Luke (Thomas W. Walker, 2000)
  • John (Mark A. Matson, 2002)
  • Acts (Charles C. Williamson, 2000)
  • Romans (Art Ross, Martha M. Stevenson, 1999)
  • First Corinthians (Bruce N. Fisk, 2000)
  • Second Corinthians (William M. Ramsay, 2004)
  • Philippians and Galatians (Stanley P. Saunders, 2001)
  • Hebrews (Earl S. Johnson, Jr., 2008)
  • Revelation (William C. Pender, 1998)
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April 5, 2017  |  4:37 PM   |    Good (4)
Each volume contains 10 Bible studies (190 studies in this set) with wonderful introductory materials drawn not only from Interpretation Series (IS) but also other commentaries. The insights drawn from the IS are hyperlinked to offer quick access to the passage quoted for context and more information. I can see how this series can easily help you prepare for leading a group or giving you plenty to mull over in your devotional time with each section concluding with discussion questions that would be great in a small group study. These volumes do not cover the entire book of the Bible but what they do cover is very informative.