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Judean Desert Corpus

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Category: Hebrew Non-Biblical Texts   |   Minimum Acc Version: 11.2.5   |   Install Options: Download only

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Requires Accordance 11.2.5 or above.

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This module contains the text and morphological tagging of the Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts from the Judean Desert that are not in either QUMRAN or DSSB-C/M modules. As such it contains the non-biblical, non-Qumran texts found in the Judean Desert region since 1947. Most of these texts are what might be termed "documentary," but not all (e.g. Mas1k, a collection of psalms read during the Sabbath sacrifices).

11/4/15 Update: The 3.0 update 1) adds all remaining content and 2) changes how various numerals and symbols are represented. Support has been added for new font functionality.

5/10/17 Update: The 3.2 update increases the minimum required version to 11.2.5 to support Lachish font.

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All-in-All 1017
DSS Complete add-on_15
DSS Non-Bib add-on_15
DSS Original add-on_15
Early Hebrew Texts add-on


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