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New Testament Commentary (Vol. 3: John) by B. W. Johnson

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Written by B. W. Johnson, this commentary on the book of John is scholarly in its treatment, yet written for a lay audience in non-technical language.

“Johnson’s condensed commentary on the entire New Testament, The People’s New Testament, achieved considerable popularity after its publication in late 19th century America. This volume concerns John’s Gospel in more detail than its briefer appearance in Johnson’s other work. As such, Johnson meant this commentary on John’s Gospel to serve as a tool for clergy and religious scholars or students. Even so, the interested layperson could use this text as a supplement to Johnson’s more general People’s New Testament.”—Kathleen O’Bannon, CCEL Staff

The New Testament Commentary: Volume III - John
A Commentary for the People (Based on Both Versions)
• Author: B. W. Johnson (Barton Warren Johnson)
• Text of 1886 version published by Christian Publishing Company

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