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Book cover: King James Version (1611) Notes

King James Version (1611) Notes

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An exhaustive listing (in modern spelling) of the marginal notes of the 1611 edition of the King James Bible.

Ways in which the marginal notes are valuable:

  • Sometimes the notes shed light on an obscure passage
  • The meaning of the names of Bible characters revealed in the notes are often of interest
  • Also the meaning of some biblical terms are defined (such as Bethel, meaning house of God)
  • It reveals that Bible translation work is not as simple and straightforward as some people imagine
  • It illustrates the absurdity of never deviating from translating in a literal fashion. The notes for a verse that illustrates this vividly is Genesis 25:18, where “he did eat of his venison” in literal Hebrew would have been “venison was in is mouth” according to the marginal notes.

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