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Book cover: Commentary on the Old Testament (Keil & Delitzsch) (10 volumes)

Commentary on the Old Testament (Keil & Delitzsch) (10 volumes)

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This classic commentary by renowned scholars C. F. Keil and F. Delitzsch examines historical and literary aspects of the biblical text. Often viewed as a standard of conservative OT interpretation, these are thorough (and sometimes technical) commentaries of each OT book.

A triumph of rigorous scholarship and sound theological judgment, Keil & Delitzsch remains one of the most popular Old Testament commentaries available. This commentary set includes a discussion of the nature of Old Testament literature, introduces each book of the Old Testament, and offers in-depth analyses of the Hebrew text. While the content is unchanged, its format has been updated, and some errors from the original have been corrected. This edition is newly typeset in modern, easy-to-read type, Arabic has been transliterated, biblical references have been changed from Roman to Arabic numerals, and long paragraphs have been broken into shorter ones so that the work is easier to read.

Commentary of the Old Testament (10 Volumes) (Reprinted)
• Authors: C. F. Keil, F. Delitzsch
• Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers, Inc. (1996)
• Text of the 1891 version published by T. & T. Clark

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August 16, 2018  | 10:56 PM   |    Fantastic (5)
One of my favorite Old Testament commentaries.
November 11, 2011  |  8:37 AM   |    Fantastic (5)
This has become my favorite OT commentary. well worth the money whether you buy it within a group or by itself. Two thumbs way up in outlining, Hebrew/Aramaic word studies and insight.