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Book cover: Letters and Homilies (Witherington) (3 Volumes)

Letters and Homilies (Witherington) (3 Volumes)

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The study of the so-called General or Catholic Epistles has been hampered, argues Ben Witherington, by the failure to properly discern their genre. Several of these “letters” are much better understood as homilies--although, like the rest of the New Testament, they are situation specific.

In these three volumes, Witherington extends his innovative socio-rhetorical analysis of New Testament books to the latter-Pauline and non-Pauline corpora, placing each text within its socioreligious milieu and illuminating the particular issues that confronted each congregation as well as the rhetorical strategies employed by each author in addressing those issues.

Throughout, Witherington shows his thorough knowledge of recent literature on these texts and focuses his attention on the unique insights brought about through socio-rhetorical analysis that either reinforce or correct those gleaned from other approaches.

“Bridging the Horizons” sections point to the relevance of the text for believers today, making these commentaries of special value to pastors and general readers as well as to students and scholars.

This module contains the following three volumes:

  • Letters and Homilies for Hellenized Christians (Volume 1): A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on Titus, 1-2 Timothy and 1-3 John
  • Letters and Homilies for Hellenized Christians (Volume 2): A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on 1-2 Peter
  • Letters and Homilies for Jewish Christians: A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on Hebrews, James and Jude

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Letters and Homilies for Hellenized Christians (Volumes 1 and 2)
Letters and Homilies for Jewish Christians
• Author: Ben Witherington III
• Publisher: InterVarsity Press

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