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Eugene Peterson's best selling paraphrasing translation is the most reader-friendly Bible available today. The striking modern language speaks in a fresh way to today's reader. The introductions are included.

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November 2, 2011  |  8:28 PM  |  Good (4)
The Message is a valuable resource for me. If I am working on a pericope that I have become perhaps "too familiar with" The Message is where I start. It's language is fresh, new, and helps me listen to the story for the first time again.

I am a big fan of Eugene Peterson's work, and highly recommend it to anyone that will listen.

I will typically put The Message beside the NASB, the ESV, or the NRSV when doing in-depth study to help with fresh eyes on the text. Another use I find for The Message is public reading, especially of the Psalms.