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Book cover: Why Does God Allow War? (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

Why Does God Allow War? (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

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Does God care about the sin and suffering in the world today? Why doesn’t he bring an end to war and violence?

When our lives seem shattered by personal tragedy, is there any answer? Is there any place to which we can turn to find hope and peace and true happiness whatever our circumstances?

The ringing affirmation of this book is that there is indeed an answer -- an answer that is rooted in the reality of God himself, and in what he has done and will do for those who know and love him.

Dr. Lloyd-Jones wrote this book at the outbreak of the Second World War to a people on the brink of despair. It’s message, however, is universal and remarkably relevant today as we seek to understand the crises of our own times. Yet readers will find that the truth it contains is a help for those in the midst of any tragedy, whether personal or national.

Why Does God Allow War?
• Author: Martyn Lloyd-Jones
• Foreword: John MacArthur, Lane T. Dennis
• Publisher: Crossway (April 2003)

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