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Hebrew Masoretic Text with ETCBC Morphology

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Requires Accordance 12.0 or above.

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The ETCBC database of the Hebrew Bible (formerly known as WIVU database), contains the scholarly text of the Hebrew Bible with linguistic markup developed by the Werkgroep Informatica at the Free University (WIVU) of Amsterdam and edited by Eep Talstra of the Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer (ETCBC).

Eep Talstra was the founder of the Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer. The centre was previously known as the Werkgroep Informatica Vrije Universiteit (WIVU), was renamed in honor of Eep Talstra when he retired in 2012.

The Eep Talstra Center for Bible and Computer focuses not only on Hebrew and Greek sources, but also on Syriac literature.

This product contains separate files for:

  • Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT-ETCBC)
  • Syntax file (MT-ETCBC.syntax)
  • Gloss file (MT-E words)
  • ETCBC Glossary.pdf (This file can be found in "Documentation" under Help > Read Mes and is also available for separate download)

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Hebrew Masoretic Text with ETCBC Morphology is included with the following packages:

All-in-All 1016


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