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Book cover: NT Library: Paul and the Anatomy of Apostolic Authority (Schütz)

NT Library: Paul and the Anatomy of Apostolic Authority (Schütz)

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John Howard Schütz's milestone analysis of Paul's authority shaped a generation of thought about Paul. This insightful work continues to be relevant to Pauline scholarship.

From the Preface:
First published in 1975, Paul and the Anatomy of Apostolic Authority, by John Howard Schütz, is a profound and important work. With literary, historical, hermeneutical, and theological finesse, it addresses a set of concerns that continue to bear great significance. What, for Paul and for emergent Christianity, are the meanings, functions, and interactions of gospel and tradition, authority and power—in relation to both the person of the apostle and the community called into being through the apostle’s proclamation? Schütz presents a bold thesis: for Paul, the authority of the apostle is an interpretation of power—the power of the gospel.

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Paul and the Anatomy of Apostolic Authority
• Series: The New Testament Library
• Author: John Howard Schütz
• New Introduction: Wayne A. Meeks
• Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press (2004)
Originally published in 1975 by the Syndics of the Cambridge University Press

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