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Book cover: Orthodox and the Byzantine "Family 35” GNTs

Orthodox and the Byzantine "Family 35” GNTs

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This bundle contains two morphologically tagged Greek New Testaments from the Byzantine family of manuscripts.

  • Byzantine "Family 35" - The Byzantine Kr/family 35 text-form is the most precise and uniform grouping of New Testament manuscripts ever produced. This Byzantine type dominated New Testament manuscript production during the late Byzantine Empire (1261-1453). Accordance Software now offers the consensus form of this Byzantine text of the New Testament as collated by Dr. Wilbur N. Pickering in conjunction with the CSPMT (Center for Study and Preservation of the Majority Text). (Note: This module also contains an Introduction module (GNT-F35 Intro) with historical background information on the Byzantine Text.)
  • Antoniades / Ecumenical Patriarchal Text - This set also contains the more well-known GNT-Ecumenical Patriarchal Text, also known as the Antoniades Text. This is the official Greek text published by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in 1904, incorporating corrections in the printed edition of 1912.
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