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Book cover: Pentecostal Principle, The (Pentecostal Manifestos) (Wariboko)

Pentecostal Principle, The (Pentecostal Manifestos) (Wariboko)

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This book formulates the Pentecostal principle -- the capacity of social existence to begin something new -- and applies it specifically to the field of ethical methodology. Nimi Wariboko engages a host of contemporary philosophers, from Hannah Arendt to Giorgio Agamben and others working in the Tillichian tradition, as he develops an understanding of how Pentecostal thought sheds new light on the nature, task, and project of social ethics.

With an eye for both the intrinsic playfulness of Pentecostal practice and the realities of global pluralism, Wariboko contributes a distinctively Pentecostal voice to ongoing conversations in political theology, social ethics, public theology, and philosophy.

About the Series:
The Pentecostal Manifestos series aims to speak for and to a rising, outward-looking generation of Pentecostal scholarship. Written by both established and newly emerging scholars, the various "manifesto" volumes will be creative statements, marked by rigorous theological scholarship, reflecting a distinctly Pentecostal engagement with wider themes and concerns in Christian thought today.

The Pentecostal Principle: Ethical Methodology in New Spirit
• Series: Pentecostal Manifestos
• Series Editors: James K. A. Smith, Amos Yong
• Author: Nimi Wariboko
• Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans (2015)

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