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Book cover: Pillar NTC Thessalonians (Gene L. Green)

Pillar NTC Thessalonians (Gene L. Green)

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In this commentary Gene Green reads Paul’s two letters to the Thessalonians in light of the canon of Scripture and of new knowledge about the first-century world of Thessalonica. This fruitful approach helps illuminate the impact of the gospel on its original readers and, in turn, shows how potent a force it can be for the church and society today. The book begins with an in-depth study of the Thessalonians themselves — their history, land, socioeconomic conditions, and religious environment. This fascinating discussion gives the necessary context for fully appreciating the circumstances surrounding the founding of the city’s first church and the subsequent struggles of the Thessalonian believers to live out their Christian faith. Filled with new information about ancient society, this commentary will fast become a standard reference work for Bible study. By carefully bridging the biblical and modern worlds, Green shows with clarity and warmth the continuing relevance of 1 & 2 Thessalonians for contemporary readers.

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The Letters to the Thessalonians
• Series: The Pillar New Testament Commentary
• General Editor: D. A. Carson
• Author: Gene L. Green
• Publisher: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company (2002)

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