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Greek Pseudepigrapha

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Category: Greek Non-Biblical Texts

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The completed edition of 51 works identified as Greek Pseudepigrapha, and the Psalms of Solomon. This Accordance edition is morphologically tagged. A complete bibliography of sources is supplied. When each module is purchased, this module is synchronized and displays in parallel with the New English Pseudepigrapha and/or the Charles, English Pseudepigrapha.

See also Pseudepigrapha (New English translation) and Pseudepigrapha (Charles, English translation).

For even more information, see this review and this article.

Check out the video below in which Dr. Evans speaks to the importance of the Pseudepigrapha.

Greek Pseudepigrapha is included with the following packages:

Greek Jewish Writings
Greek Master 06.16
PSEUD add-on


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