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Introducing Biblical Hebrew

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Requires Accordance 11.1 or above.

This first-year grammar has grown out of the author’s experience in teaching Hebrew to seminary students for over thirty years. Through those many years of classroom use, Dr. Ross has developed and refined his explanations, exercises, and examples to provide students with an effective introduction to Biblical Hebrew. In addition to traditional deductive methods and exercises, Introducing Biblical Hebrew includes inductive sections that provide practical translation experience as the student works through passages from the Book of Genesis. In addition, there are well-paced vocabulary and grammar exercises and practical guides to the more technical features of the Hebrew Bible.

“The clear, simple presentation in each chapter, the consistent and early use of biblical examples in the exercises, and an approach that combines the best in modern linguistics with older philological traditions reveals a pedagogical art seldom seen. Ross provides copious helps to jump-start the student in reading narrative and offers intermediate level information for the keen learner. I have used earlier versions of Ross's grammar over the past sixteen years with great success and highly recommend this text to others.”—Peter J. Gentry, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

4/9/19 Update: The update to 1.6 raises the minimum Accordance requirement to 11.1 in order to support the proper display of Unicode in the Table of Contents.

Introducing Biblical Hebrew
• Author: Allen P. Ross
• Publisher: Baker Academic (2001)

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February 11, 2018  |  1:42 PM   |    Mediocre (2)
I agree with the review comments by J Rhoden, and of the things the he mentioned, the most desperate fix that needs to made is the lack of page numbers.
February 23, 2016  | 10:00 PM   |    Mediocre (2)
I am greatly appreciateive for this book being in accordance, it saves me carrying it around. I reccomend purchasing it, but there are some minor and major issues to be aware of.

1. No page numbers as far as I can tell. When your teacher, or a reference, points you to a page, there appears to be no way to get there. So if your teacher says "See page 466" you have to get ahold of a physical book to work out what page they are talking about.
2. Smaller Windows make the tables unreadable (they don't wrap well) which means letters disappear.
3. the tables actually become wrong on a mobile device(Hebrew characters randomly disappear)
4. There are a small handful of critical mistakes in the Hebrew text. Don't memorise tables and words from this edition, always use the paper edition. (For example, I lost points on tests for having memorised tables and words from the book, that turned out to be incorrect)