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History of the Christian Church by Philip Schaff (8 volumes)

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Philip Schaff (1819-1893) wrote one of the finest histories of the church available. His eight-volume work published in 1910 covers Christian history from apostolic Christianity to the Swiss Reformation (1648), and incorporates discussion of ideas and ideals throughout the history of the church with the requisite facts and figures for each period of history.

Volume 1: Apostolic Christianity
Volume 2: Ante-Nicene Christianity
Volume 3: Nicene and Post-Nicene Christianity
Volume 4: Mediaeval Christianity
Volume 5: The Middle Ages From Gregory VII
Volume 6: The Middle Ages From Boniface VIII
Volume 7: Modern Christianity - The German Reformation
Volume 8: Modern Christianity - The Swiss Reformation

History of the Christian Church
• Author: Philip Schaff
• Text of the 1910 version published by Charles Scribner’s Sons

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