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Book cover: Upgrade from VULG to VULG-T

Upgrade from VULG to VULG-T

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$50.00   |   Full Version: VULG-T ($99.90)
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This upgrade is offered to users who previously purchased the untagged Latin Vulgate (VULG). Purchase of this upgrade will supply the user with the tagged Latin Vulgate (VULG-T). Add this upgrade product to your shopping cart like any other product.

This module contains the Latin translation of the Bible that became the Vulgate. The translation was done for the most part by Jerome and became the translation commonly used in the Latin speaking church from the fifth century up to modern times.

The electronic text of the Latin Vulgate is based upon the 5th edition of the Vulgate edited by R. Weber and published by Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Stuttgart. This electronic text now includes grammatical tagging for the entire published Latin Vulgate, with glosses, prepared by Marco V. Fabbri.

The Latin Dictionary is included with this unlock, as well as the VULG2-T with a few parallel passages of the Apocrypha.

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