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Book cover: Macs in the Ministry, paperbound book by David Lang

Macs in the Ministry, paperbound book by David Lang

Category: English Studies

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Macs in the Ministry, paperbound book by David Lang, (ISBN 1418541729) published by Thomas Nelson as part of their new Tech Guide series.  Throughout Macs in the Ministry, you’ll find brief lessons in Mac Literacy. These lessons will expose you to interesting Mac facts and trivia, history lessons about Apple and the Mac, and things you need to know to avoid looking like a Mac newbie. Part One of this book is about Inspiration: about discovering what’s possible.

Part Two of this book is about perspiration: about actually making these things happen. Here you’ll find a series of projects that will show you how to do all the things you’re now inspired to do. Get step-by-step instructions for creating an iMovie, developing slide shows and print projects in iPhoto, recording and publishing podcasts, producing a DVD, and developing a web-site in iWeb. See what you can do using other applications like Pages, Keynote, Bible study software, and worship presentation software. Where Part One will get your wheels turning, Part Two will actually get you moving!

Includes CD ROM.

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