Reviews by Douglas Fyfe
October 13, 2015  |  7:03 PM   |    Good (4)
Thanks Daniel - I had no idea of the history. I always thought NIBC was top-notch, having compared a couple of NT volumes with similar series (Tyndale is probably the closest equivalent in my opinion).

But adding in the OT, especially the minor prophets, makes this an incredibly good, very accessible for every level, whole-Bible series.
December 3, 2014  |  5:12 PM   |    Fantastic (5)
This really is brilliant. Getting straight to the big idea in, considering the breadth of this series, really sizeable chunks.

Wright's translation on the entire NT(!) is also very clear, faithful yet eminently readable.

(I'm also quite looking forward to its OT partner series by John Goldingay!)