Reviews by Dennis Dickinson
February 3, 2020  |  4:31 PM   |    Fantastic (5)
Can't say thanks enough for the Targumim. The tagging make these extremely useful and the ability to search is incredible. I moved some time back from the printed editions. The ease of use along side the LXX, MT, Vulgate and Peshitta is incredible. Valuable for their interpretation and understanding (both good and bad mixed) from the perspective of their day.
August 9, 2017  |  6:07 PM   |    Fantastic (5)
Incredible. As the first translation of the Bible by Jews in the 2nd Century its value is obvious. Though there are bugs to be worked out in the tagging to definitions, it is 99% right on target. Amazing to read the first Jewish rendering of the New Testament into Jewish expression. Helpful beyond belief!
August 9, 2017  |  6:03 PM   |    Fantastic (5)
What is here is good but the need to make it of genuine value is
1. Tagged
2. A Lexicon
When these are completed and added it will bring this into the real world.
I'm grateful for what has been provided so far, but Scholarly need is still great.