New Since 6

New Features in 6.1 to 6.9

New Features in 6.9 Include:

  • Support for Sylvanus Uncial font for the display of Codex Bezae.
  • New Hebrew tags to support BHS Westminster Morphology 4.4.
  • Eliminates the error messages when running as a non-admin.
  • Option to suppress the superscript characters in Bible text display (6.9.1).
  • Option to use European verse notation for verse display and entry (6.9.2).

New Features in 6.8 Include:

  • Faster Quartz drawing of smooth text.
  • Improved copying of pictures.
  • Support for Speech in the Parsing and Table windows.
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts for editing text and moving the 3D map.

New Features in 6.7 Include:

  • Accordance Widget to look up and insert verses in a word processor, for users with OS 10.4 (Tiger).
  • Right-button and control click on the Resource palette to open a new window regardless of a selection.
  • Streamlining of some keyboard shortcuts.

New Features in 6.6 Include:


  • Smooth text, line, and object drawing is now implemented for OS X in all windows, and for printing and export.
  • The default Appearance Preference is now to display text smoothing. (Note: this Preference may need to be reset.)


  • A new Search window opens if Accordance is brought to the front or opened without any windows.
  • Pressing option while clicking to stop the animation of a Route layer on the Atlas, displays the entire route.

New Features in 6.5 Include:


  • Multiple layers of the same type can be displayed together.
  • Pop-up menus are reorganized.
  • UTM coordinates are displayed.
  • Site labels can be hidden.


  • The font in the Tools browser can be enlarged.
  • Copy as Transliteration is available in the Edit menu.
  • Pressing the option key when closing a tab closes all the other tabs.

New Features in 6.4 Include:

Reference Tools

  • Graph and Table can be viewed for the results of searches.
  • Tools for Non-Biblical texts are now Reference Tools (Qumran Index, Josephus Notes, Apostolic Fathers Notes).


  • Appearance Preferences allows a default setting that confines amplifying to the same workspace, rather than recycling similar windows or tabs in a different workspace.
  • The verse display in the Instant Details box from a hypertext reference in a tool includes styles and colors.
  • Text styling supported for grammatically tagged texts, and implemented in the GNT-T.

New Features in 6.3 Include:

Startup Defaults

  • Default session set by the user or
  • Restores the windows as they were when the program last quit


  • Searching outside or inside the brackets in the text.
  • Print Settings supports column or interleaved printing for panes in both rows.


  • Display the current Page number, for all tools that have page numbers.
  • Display the first verse of a Scripture reference in the Instant Details box.
  • Additional search options to search within Articles or Paragraphs, and to add up to 4 more search fields.

Copy As Submenu with additional key commands

  • No Superscripts
  • Citation
  • References


  • Search All now searches all the fields in each tool.
  • Details Table can now be sorted by frequency of usage.

New Features in 6.2 Include:


  • Atlas 3D maps in OS X now use Open GL with smoother, faster performance and better graphics, and support for copy and print.
  • The 3D Controls palette in OS X has a vertical control and a compass, and the Pan control was removed.
  • Shift-control click in the Map, Timeline, and Picture windows changes the cursor to a magnifying glass and immediately zooms into the area clicked upon.

Export Options

  • Unicode export of all Accordance fonts is supported for copy and paste, drag and drop, and RTF export in OS X, and for RTF export in the emulator.
  • Hebrew export now allows selective stripping of characters with the options: None, Cantillation marks only, Vowels and cantillation, or All marks (including sin/shin dot and maqqef).
  • These stripping options can also be used when export to Transliteration is selected.

Search Window

  • Extra text panes will now be added to the bottom row of a Search window, if there is not enough space in the top row.
  • Pressing the control key while scrolling a pane in the Search window with the scroll bar, unties the scrolling of other parallel panes.
  • The insertion point is automatically moved to the end of the entry when it is inside a command such as WITHIN, and another search command is entered from the menu (or keyboard shortcut).


  • Hide Palettes (option-command-0, zero) in the Window menu lets you hide or show all open floating palettes together.
  • Command-5 is a new shortcut for displaying the context of a selected text.

Greek and Hebrew Tagging

  • When parsing or viewing Instant Details of Greek texts with Strong’s numbers (such as GNT-TRS), the English glosses now appear with the Strong’s number details (if the Greek words are installed).
  • Triple-clicking on a Hebrew word now searches the lexicon for the word itself, without any prefix or suffix.
  • The Greek proper name is now supported for Adjectives and Nouns, though it is not used in all texts.
  • Gentilic Nouns in Hebrew text now support other details.
  • Nitpalpel Hebrew stem is supported.

TLG Import

  • When importing large TLG files, a dialog appears to give the option of importing only specific works within a file (even if there is enough memory to import the entire work).
  • In TLG user tools, a sigma followed by an apostrophe is no longer changed to a final sigma.

New Features in 6.1 Since 6.0 Include:

  • Set Window Name can now be used for most windows and tabs (except for Parsing, Details, and Edit windows, also reports such as Show Book Names, Timeline Data, and the Tool table).
  • Option-command-N opens the Set Name dialog.
  • The Parsing window can now display up to 200 verses.
  • Pressing the control key when opening or amplifying to any item when a workspace is in front opens an independent window (unless a suitable recyclable tab or window is already open). Control double- or triple-click opens the last selected tool in a new window.
  • Control-tab brings the next tab to the front (to the right of the current tab) and shift-control-tab brings the previous (to the left) tab to the front.
  • Option-command-V sets the window to search for verses, and option-command-W sets it to search for words.
  • Greek texts with Strong’s numbers such as the GNT-TRS are now supported.

New Features in version 6

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