New Since 7

New Features since 7.0

New Features in 7.4.1 and 7.4.2 (November-December 07) Include:

  • Bug fixes, especially the crash on exiting the Slide Show.
  • Both Widgets updated for Leopard.

New Features in 7.4 (October 07) Include:

  • Full compatibility with OS 10.5 (Leopard).
  • Apple style tabs implemented in 10.4 and above.
  • In Edit windows:
    Command up and down arrow keys scroll to next verse or article
    Option-command up and down arrow keys adds a note to the next verse (Notes)
    (Equivalent to clicking and option clicking the arrow buttons on the window).
  • Support for tagged texts in Latin.

New Features in 7.3 (June 07) Include:

  • Cleaner display of the character names and keystrokes in the Character palette.
  • Option to use a standard font set in the menu when editing User Notes.
  • Display of (L) or (T) in More Options when comparing texts by lemma or tags rather than words.
  • Accordance fonts all remastered for consistency.

New Features in 7.2 (May 07) Include:


  • Import of User Bible texts.
  • Printing of highlighted text, both of regular highlighting in text and tool panes, and when using Compare Texts.
  • Horizontal option for display of the Resource palette.
  • Prior and Next buttons appear after using internal hypertext links in a tool pane in a Search window, with control-command left and right arrow key combinations which also work for the Tools window.


  • Larger and more colorful text access buttons at the bottom left of many windows.
  • Contextual menus: additional menu for More Options in Tools, and Favorites submenu added to contextual menus.
  • Up to 512 characters are allowed in Range definitions.
  • The CHAR item in the Construct allows multiple entries.
  • Pressing shift with command right and left arrow keys selects the intervening text.
  • Diagram window exports as an editable PICT image.
  • An option in User Notes preferences allows multiple edit windows.
  • SBL standard references for abbreviations is an option for display and export of text.
  • Command-click on a verse reference in a tool amplifies to all the references in the paragraph.

Original Language

  • Optional modern Greek Polytonic keyboard for text entry.
  • Character palette supports modern Greek and Hebrew keyboards.
  • Export to Graeca II font is supported instead of SuperGreek.
  • Preferences page to reorder the grammatical tags.
  • Option to view tags as full words in Instant Details.
  • Format of tag display is clearer.
  • Export of Helena text converts the "apple" character into a correct rough breathing.

New Features in 7.1 (Nov 06) Include:


  • Spell checking in Edit windows.
  • Citation page in Preferences allows the user to set specific options for copying as a citation.
  • The AccUpdater widget can now automatically download and install some module updates.
  • Pressing option when adding a new Tool or User Notes pane adds it to the top row.
  • Pressing option when opening the Tool browser opens all levels for the article at the top of the pane.
  • Edit window Find and replace can now be limited to Latin characters.
  • The HITS dialog box now offers the options of further definition.
  • Command right and left arrow keys move the cursor to the beginning or end of the line.

Original Language

  • The Construct window supports the HITS, COUNT, and Character items, and allows searching in both directions.
  • A new Character palette identifies and enters all the special characters in the Accordance fonts.
  • Syriac text is displayed and searched using Peshitta font, and supported throughout the program like Hebrew.
  • The Parsing window is displayed in columns.
  • Additional Hebrew tags are added for the verbs in the Samaritan Pentateuch.
  • Option to hide the spaces in the text display (intended for uncial manuscripts such as Vaticanus).
  • Entry of Hebrew tags now allows some details, such as those for gender, to be set without specifying another detail first.
  • Automatic entry of diacritical marks is supported in Rosetta, Sylvanus and Peshitta.

Note: A necessary update to the Preference files makes them incompatible with version 7.0.x. If you want to be able to go back to an earlier version please make a backup of the user/Library/Preferences/Accordance Preferences folder. Saved windows including the Timeline or the Parsing windows are also not backwards compatible.

New Features in 7.0.3 (Aug 06) Include:

  • The AccUpdater widget lists and links to available updates for all current modules (requires OS 10.4). (7.0.3)
  • The Accordance application is now simply named Accordance (in OS X). (7.0.3)
  • The dates in the Timeline window now range from 4000 BC to 2000 AD, with an additional Early Bronze I archaeological period. (7.0.3)
  • The font used for English text in the User Notes Edit window is changed from Geneva to Arial (in OS X). Arial is also used to display Geneva font in text panes, since Geneva no longer supports styles. (7.0.3)
  • Additional Hebrew tags are added for the verbs in the Samaritan Pentateuch. (7.0.2)
  • The asterisk is no longer included when double-clicking to select a word, nor in Text Compare. (7.0.2)
  • Right-click in the entry box no longer selects a word when opening the contextual menu. (7.0.1)

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