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New Studies in Biblical Theology (42 vols.) (Volumes 1-10; 12-38; 40-44)

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Addressing key issues in biblical theology, the works comprised by New Studies in Biblical Theology are creative attempts to help Christians better understand their Bibles. The NSBT series is edited by D. A. Carson, aiming to simultaneously instruct and to edify, to interact with current scholarship and to point the way ahead.

NAC Studies in Bible and Theology (NAC-SBT) (11 Volumes)

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The New American Commentary Studies in Bible & Theology (NAC-SBT) series for pastors, advanced Bible students, and other deeply committed laypersons addresses a range of compelling questions. Users will find this an excellent extension of the long-respected New American Commentary.

Perspectives Series (14 Volumes)

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The multi-volume Perspectives series brings together leading scholars to debate some of the most challenging issues in biblical studies, theology, and pastoral ministry.

John Warwick Montgomery Collection Bundle (33 Volumes)

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Montgomery, a philosophy major disinterested in religion, found himself forced to consider seriously the claims of Jesus Christ in the New Testament in order to preserve big intellectual integrity. After no mean struggle he acknowledged his rebellion against God and asked His forgiveness. Dr. Montgomery is the author of over one hundred scholarly journal articles and more than fifty books.

F. F. Bruce Complete Bundle (19 Volumes)

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This bundle contains the 2-volume Open Your Bible Commentary by Kingsley Books as well as 17 other works by F. F. Bruce.

Stanley Horton: Add-on Bundle of 5 Books

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A bundle of key works by Stanley M. Horton from a solid Pentecostal perspective published by Gospel Publishing House.

Life in the Spirit New Testament Commentary

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The Life in the Spirit New Testament Commentary is the first one-volume commentary to present a distinctly Spirit-filled perspective on the Bible. If you’re a Pentecostal, charismatic, or empowered evangelical Christian, this is one resource you’ll consult often for authoritative insights into the New Testament. Writing with expertise and scholarly precision, the different contributors represent Spirit-filled theology at its best, uniting scriptural knowledge with spiritual fire.

Carta “Understanding” Series (6 Introductory Atlases)

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This set of six (6) volumes includes introductory atlases that cover the entire Bible. In addition to modules specific to the Old Testament and the New Testament, this series also includes modules which introduce biblical archaeology and geography as well as kingdoms and individuals.

Reading Jesus’s Bible: How the New Testament Helps Us Understand the Old Testament (Goldingay)

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For Jesus and his contemporaries, what we now know as the Old Testament was simply the Scriptures—and it was the fundamental basis of how people understood their relationship with God. In this book John Goldingay uncovers five major ways in which the New Testament uses the Old Testament. His discussion paves the way for contemporary readers to understand and appreciate the Old Testament more fully.

Understanding and Applying the Bible: Revised and Expanded

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In Understanding and Applying the Bible Robertson McQuilken outlines a comprehensive strategy for learning to engage, learn, and interpret Scripture. Initially discussing the concept of the presuppositions that all people bring to the text, McQuilken also moves on to discuss and critique the three primary philosophical approaches to Scripture that impact its interpretation today including, what he calls, “Supernaturalsim,” “Naturalistic Modern[ism],” and “Naturalistic Postmodern[ism].”

Understanding Scripture (eds. Grudem, Collins, Schreiner)

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The Bible is the most important book in the world. But questions like these puzzle believers and unbelievers alike. Editors and scholars Wayne Grudem, C. John Collins, and Thomas Schreiner recognize the challenge we all face and offer this volume to help us properly understand the Bible.

Understanding the Alphabet of the Dead Sea Scrolls

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The Dead Sea Scrolls constitute the most important documentary evidence for the “Jewish alphabet,” which was used to write ancient Hebrew and Aramaic. In Understanding the Alphabet of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Dr. Ada Yardeni, one of the world’s leading authorities on ancient Semitic languages, paleography, and epigraphy, provides a thorough overview of the script and its variations, and traces its development from the late 3rd to the early 2nd century BCE.

Understanding New Testament Greek: Learning Greek for Translation and Exegesis Using Accordance Bible Software and Resources (Hoffman)

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Understanding New Testament Greek grammar was developed out of necessity as a way to teach Greek in one semester. The goal, however, is not to read Greek but, as the title states, to understand Greek. There is very little memorization of vocabulary that is expected, since the software can easily provide the lexical information. The only paradigms students are encouraged to memorize are those of the Greek article and forms of the verb εἰμί. The software provides all the analysis. The focus is on understanding Greek grammar and syntax and becoming proficient in using the tools and resources available in the software.

Read the Bible for Life (Guthrie)

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The Bible may be the most-purchased book in the world, but it is often the least read and least applied due to a basic lack of understanding and motivation on the part of readers. Read the Bible for Life aims to improve biblical literacy in the culture and the church by simultaneously moving readers toward greater skill in reading the Bible well and toward a deeper commitment to applying Scripture to everyday life.

History of Biblical Interpretation (Volumes 1-3)

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A History of Biblical Interpretation provides detailed and extensive studies of the interpretation of the Scriptures by Jewish and Christian writers throughout the ages. Written by internationally renowned scholars, this multi-volume work comprehensively treats the many different methods of interpretation, the many important interpreters who have written in various eras, and the many key issues that have surfaced repeatedly over the long course of biblical interpretation.

Why Church History Matters (Rea)

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In this wide-ranging book, veteran teacher Bob Rea tackles these barriers to understanding and embracing the significance of the faith and practice of our spiritual forefathers. In three parts he covers how Christians understand church tradition, why it is beneficial to broaden our horizons of community and how tradition helps us understand ministry. Rea not only skillfully explains why church history matters—he shows why it should matter to us.

Miracles and the Supernatural throughout Church History (Cooke)

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In Miracles and the Supernatural Through Church History, author and teacher, Tony Cooke, uncovers the power of God revealed through the centuries to prepare you for the future. Discover the miraculous works of the Holy Spirit through individuals like Ignatius of Antioch, Tertullian, Basil of Caesarea, Augustine, Martin Luther, John Wesley, Charles Finney, and many more.

Atlas of Christian History

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The Atlas of Christian History is built new from the ground up. Featuring more than fifty new maps, graphics, and timelines, the atlas is a necessary companion to any study of Christian history. Concise, helpful text, written by acknowledged authorities, guide the experience and interpret the visuals. Consciously written for students at any level, the volume is perfect for independent students, as well as those in structured courses.

Atlas of the European Reformations

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A new, definitive atlas of the European Reformations has been needed for many years. Now, coinciding with the reformation anniversaries, Fortress Press is pleased to offer the Atlas of the European Reformations (and a Study Guide).

Carta’s Illustrated Bible Atlas with Historical Notes

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This concise and colorful Illustrated Bible Atlas is packed with information on the lands and cities where the events of the Bible took place. To understand them it is necessary to have some knowledge of the historical and geographical setting. This handy Atlas provides just that.