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It’s Monday morning. You’re trying to apply the preacher’s comment yesterday about getting into the Bible, but you’re struggling to engage with the Bible text. In fact, you’ve read it so many times before that it no longer speaks to you. You know the theory that you pray and the Lord speaks to you, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to work for you.

Word Come Alive, an extended translation (paraphrase), will help you get back on track with reading your Bible. Respected UK Bible editor Martin Manser is compiling a fresh translation of the New Testament. He has just completed the four Gospels, Acts and some of Paul’s Letters. He plans to complete this paraphrase of the New Testament within the next few years.

The following books are currently available in Accordance:

  • Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
  • Acts
  • Ephesians, Philippians, 1-3 John
  • Revelation

Romans is expected to be the next release.

Note: Purchase of this product will include all future additions to the New Testament as they are released.

This paraphrase is aimed at both new and experienced readers of the Bible. Readers without a knowledge of the Bible but who want to understand its message find the text accessible. Experienced Christians who may be so familiar with the language of the Bible that it has little or no impact on them also find this text helpful. Teachers and preachers will find this paraphrase to be a useful reference resource in their preparation.




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  1. (verified owner) Eduard Patsaluyonak

    Many details and connections I did not see before become clear for me after I started reading ‘Word Come Alive’. I like how this paraphrase is linked to the KJV or any other Bible translation in AccordanceBible application, so I keep reading them both next to each other all the time on the same screen. Now this Bible Paraphrase is my favourite and great learning and an inspirational tool, I think Martin and his Team nailed the purpose of the ‘Word Come Alive’. Good work! Thank you very much.

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