Accordance makes it easy to study like a Bible scholar! The Accordance eAcademy offers live web-based training on how to study more effectively and with greater results. Far beyond teaching you the various features of an application, these sessions show you how to apply those features to your own study and service to others!

Accordance eAcademy events are offered multiple times a year. Want to watch sessions from previous eAcademy events? Check out the links below.

eAcademy June 2023

Dynamic Word Study: New in Accordance 14! (Dr. Roy Brown)

Six Sensational New Features in Accordance 14! (Nathan Parker and David Lang)

eAcademy May 2022
– Power Tools: Getting the Most Out of Accordance Tool Modules (David Lang)
– Taking the Accordance Timeline to the Next Level (Dr. Roy Brown)

eAcademy February 2022
– Going Deeper with the Targums WordMap (Dr. Leeor Gottlieb)
– Text, Translation, and Performance: Using Accordance to “Hear” the Gospels in Translation (Dr. Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman)
– Accordance as the Ultimate Reading Companion (Brian W. Davidson)

eAcademy September 2021
– Hebrew Fundamentals: The Infinitive Absolute and Construct (Dr. Russell T. Fuller)
– The Structure of the Book of Revelation (Dr. Timothy “Dr. J” Jenney)
– A Deep Dive into the New PhotoMuseum 3 (David Lang)

eAcademy July 2021
– Profiles in Johannine Discipleship: Nicodemus in John 3 (Dr. Elliott Mallory-Greene)
– Morphological Color Coding in Accordance as an Aid for Greek Reading and Comprehension (Dr. Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman)
– The Seven Last Words to the Church (Abram Kielsmeier-Jones)

eAcademy May 2021
– Hebrew Fundamentals: The Participle (Dr. Russell T. Fuller)
– Do We Really Have Peace with God? A Reexamination of Romans 5:1 (Daniel B. Wallace)
– First Look: What’s NEW in Accordance 13.2 for Windows & macOS (Joel Brown)

eAcademy March 2021
– On the Record: The Importance of Genealogies of the Bible (Dr. Nancy S. Dawson)
– How to Illuminate the Bible with Accordance (Dr. Roy Brown)
– Introduction to Apologetics with Accordance (Abram Kielsmeier – Jones)

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