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Accordance 14 New Features Quick Tour

Quick Start (Windows & macOS)

Accordance Five-Minute Quick Start Video #1
Accordance Five-Minute Quick Start Video #2

Accordance Features & How To (Windows & macOS)

Interface Themes
Auto Atlas
Targums Wordmap
Amplify to Construct
Flex vs. Fuzzy Search
The Internal Accordance Web Browser
Slide Show Mode
New Accordance Features for BibleWorks Users
Searching by Verses
Organizing Your Library
The Workspace Toolbar
Dark Mode
Import from PDF
The Text Command
Export Bibliographical Data
Searching with Symbols
The Accordance Text Browser
Searching for Combinations of Words
Searching for Words and Phrases
Working with the Search Tab
Understanding Zones & Tabs
Browsing & Searching Your Library
The Accordance Workspace
Library Filter
Easy Install Improvements
The Accordance Timeline: Expanded Edition
Limiting Your Search to a Range
Troubleshooting Accordance
Accordance Live Click
Importing BibleWorks Notes
Grammars & Construct Searches
Instant Details
Opening and Amplifying in Accordance
The Library Panel

Next Steps (Windows & macOS)

Getting Started with Accordance, pt. 1: The Basics
Tips & Tricks to Save You Time
Getting Started with Accordance, pt. 2: Searching
Maximize Your Workspaces
Getting Started with Accordance, pt. 3: The Info Pane
Searching Fundamentals

Deep Dives & Product Tours

The Andersen-Forbes Database
Power Searching
Strategies for Students
Study: The Great Banquet
Picture the New Testament: A PhotoCommentary
Study: Walk Worthy
Study: Philip & the Ethiopian
Study: Josiah’s Death
Doing Hebrew Right (-to-Left)
Really Simplify Hebrew Studies
Using Accordance for Book Studies
Why Buy Bible Software
Researching Cultural Backgrounds
MT-LXX Resources
Historic Views of the Holy Land
Exegetical Summary Series
The Complete Biblical Library
Really Simplify Greek Studies
Advanced Hebrew in Accordance
Build a Study Bible Library
Bracketed Words
Hebrew Textual Criticism
Biblical Archaeology Review

Accordance for Android & iOS/iPadOS

Getting Started with Accordance for iOS
New Features for iOS/iPadOS (2019)
Getting Started with Accordance for Android
Accordance 3.0 for iOS (Lighting the Lamp Podcast)
You Can Take It with You
Highlighting in Accordance for iOS/iPadOS