Jan 31, 2011 David Lang

A Flexible Interface

At the training seminar I taught on Saturday, I pointed out how the Accordance search window gives you the flexibility to interact with the text of the Bible however you need at any given moment. Many Bible programs use different windows or views for different functions: the results of a search may be given in one window, but to see those hits in context you have to go to a different window. Viewing a string of discontiguous verse references may require a separate verse list window. Comparing multiple translations may require yet another view. In contrast to this approach, the Accordance search window simply gives you a variety of "knobs" you can tweak to get the view you want, and we spent some time Saturday showing how to take full advantage of that flexibility.

If you want to search for a word and quickly scan the results, you simply click the Words button, enter your search criteria and hit return. If you find a string of Scripture references in a webpage or PDF and you want to look them up, simply copy the whole string, switch to Accordance, click the Verses button, paste the verses into the entry box, and hit return. If you want to see these hits or verses in context, there's no need to switch to another view, just drag the Context slider to the right until you have the context you want. If you want to see these verses in other translations, simply open those translations in parallel panes. If you want the differences between translations highlighted, simply click the Compare Texts button.

This flexibility enables you to work with your text in a variety of ways in a single view that you can tweak as needed. That way, you have fewer windows to manage and you never run into a situation where a feature only works in one view but not in another.

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January 31, 2011 9:49 PM


Thanks for the post, but what many of us really WANT is an update to the UI, i.e., modernized, elegant, & simply more desirable to use!

We enjoy the brains, how about the beauty (e.g. "Graphical search window", "Diagram window", "Timeline", "Graph" in the "Details button", the "Graphical construct window", etc. [just to name a few] are woeful outdated and in need of a major 3D update-think Numbers, Keynote, etc.)???

Thanks for all the hard work you-all have put into Accordance so far!